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Telehealth Available

In a response to the COVID 19 the Cricket Sports Medicine Centre (CSMC) has launched Telehealth consultations for our patients. Telehealth is having a virtual consultation with your practitioner over an online platform (Zoom). The consultation can be done from the convenience of your home using either a phone, tablet or computer/laptop.

Cricket Sports Medicine Centre feel that Telehealth could be a beneficial service offered in the future to help provide broader access to a specialised service. We welcome any feedback from patients in improving our service.

Who is offering Telehealth consultations?

At this point in time we are offering:

- Physiotherapy

- Sports Dietitian

What is required?

- Internet (ADSL or NBN) or mobile connection (4G or 5G)

- Phone, tablet or computer/laptop

- You will be required to download the Zoom App or sign up via the website

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment through the link

What to expect?

Your practitioner will be able to perform a thorough subjective assessment and provide information on diagnosis and management without the physical examination. In some instances, the practitioner may determine it to be more appropriate for a face to face consultation, this can be arranged at our Junction Oval Clinic. CSMC utilises online exercise prescription software which can be used to help explain and demonstrate exercises appropriate for you

Can you get rebate from Private Health Insurance?

Most private health insurance companies are providing rebates for Allied Health Telehealth consultations however, we encourage you to contact your insurance provider for further details

How do I prepare for my Telehealth appointment?

- Ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing for your consultation e.g loose fitting clothes that enable you to perform movement and/or demonstrate exercises

- Ensure you are in a quiet room without distractions and enough space to move around

- Prior to your appointment you will be sent information specific to your consultation, we encourage you to trial your audio and video settings prior to your appointment

- Have any rehab/gym equipment you have available e.g. theraband, fitball or weights

- Set a reminder about your appointment time and please be on time

How do I pay for my Telehealth consultation?

Following the consultation, you will be emailed an invoice which details your payment options – direct debit, PayPal or Stripe

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